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This year marks the 70th anniversary of the National Day, and Beijing Daxing Airport, the world-class super-large airport, is about to put into operation in the year. Chinese civil aviation industry has experienced rapid development and achieved unprecedented achievements. By 2020, China's civil aviation transport passenger flow will reach 720 million passengers, cargo and mail transport volume will reach 8.5 million tons, with an average annual growth of 10.8% and 10.4%, respectively. The growth is much faster than that in the rest regions of the world, which has made China the world's largest civil transport country. China's aviation market has undoubtedly become the major driving force for the growth of global air transport industry. With continuous and steady development of economy in China, the demand for air passenger and cargo transportation is increasing. This has caused local authorities to give more importance to the special status and role of airport planning and construction in economic development.
According to China’s 13th-Five-Year-Plan National Civil Airport Planning, by 2025, on the existing (including those under construction) airports, 136 new airport airports will be built, forming 3 world-class airport clusters, 10 international hubs and 29 regional hubs. With the continuous increase of the number and the scale expansion of airports, the needs for investment and international cooperation of China's civil aviation airports in airspace resources and infrastructure will become more prominent.
In order to adapt to the rapid development of the airport and air transport industry in China and international cooperation and learn from advanced planning and operation management experience of domestic and foreign airports and introduce the experience, we will organize China Airport Planning and Air Transport International Summit together with major international airports and institutions. The Summit will be held during the period from November 5, 2019 to November 8, 2019 in Beijing, China. More than 300 guests will be attract here, including corporate executives and experts from airport investors, construction companies, planning and design institutes, logistics and warehousing companies, airlines, commercial real estate developers, consulting companies, financial services companies and other tertiary industry suppliers from all over the world. 

The summit will focus on the theme of “New Model, New Opportunities, New Ecology” to follow the increasingly strong development trend of China's air transport industry and integrate into the important measures of the national “Belt and Road” initiative and jointly promote the development of China's aviation, airport planning and air transport industry (an industry with great potential). China Airport Planning and Air Transport International Summit is an airport planning and air transport high-level summit with high-profile and influence in China's civil aviation industry, aimed to provide an interactive exchange and discussion platform for decision-makers and builders of aviation industry. You are sincerely invited to participate in and attend this year's event! The two-day Summit includes visits and inspections, CEO Door-closed Seminar, investment road- show, theme speech, brainstorming, and one-to-one meeting, offering you a feast of idea collisions of the global airport industry leaders' and providing you with great opportunities for exploring potential collaborative projects in a concentrated and efficient manner.

Participation Group


CEO Closed-door Summit

This paper discusses the current situation and achievements of civil aviation transport industry at home and abroad, and puts forward some suggestions and suggestions on airport construction planning and management, aviation logistics park and transportation market management, as well as the comparison of domestic and international transportation standards.


Focusing on the theme of air cargo transportation and safety, focusing on hot topics and the latest technology, this paper discusses the new future of the development of aviation supply chain. The forum is divided into "policies and trends", "operations and management", "investment and planning" and other sections.

Technology & Equipment Exhibition

With a complete range of exhibits and rich varieties, exhibitors display the latest technical achievements and equipment in a three-dimensional way through a variety of display forms, and carry out interactive exchanges with prospective customers.

Sister-city Fair

Through dinners, tea breaks, meetings, professional meetings and other ways and forms, for two-way customer matchmaking, achieve accurate marketing, promote the development of the industry, and promote trade between the world's airports.

Project Investment Roadshow

Invite highly qualified and reputable industry experts to provide all kinds of training courses for different enterprises to make personalized and targeted choices. For example, "Aviation Security Management", "Lithium Battery Transportation requirements" and so on.

Airport visit (to be determined: Beijing Daxing Internationa

Visit the most topical international airport in China with senior aviation executives, listen to the planning, functional zoning, innovative highlights and construction of the new airport, and visit and interview the construction of the terminal of the new airport.



Zhao Huoxiang Deputy General Manager, Commerce China Freight forwarding Association President of Sinotrans long haul Group
Gregg Gildemann Regional Marketing Director Boeing Commercial Airplanes
Sandra Gregory Director, Regulatory and Compliance RIM Logistics, Ltd
Guoxiang Wu General Manager of Marketing Southern Airlines
Penglin He Director,Electronic Information Division Ministry of Industry and Information Techology of the People's Republic of China
Oren Sapir President ICTS Europe Holdings
Philippe Rainville President and Chief Executive Officer Aéroports de Montréal, Canada
Matthew Vaughan Director Aviation Security, IATA
David Yokeum Chairman World Cargo Association(WCA)
Harry Martz Director Center for Non-destructive Characterization Institute, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Steven Polmans Chair,The Brucargo Team Brussels Airport
Ng Kheng Hiong Daniel Director (Air Transport) Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore
David P. Pekoske Administrator Transportation Security Admin
Brandon Fried Executive Director Airforwarders Association
Stephen A. Alterman President The Cargo Airline Association
Zhiqing Wang Director Civil Aviation Administration of Chin

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    Dinner for November 5 and November 6

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